FAQs and Tips

NOTE: The following are common problems associated with household appliances and simple solutions to attempt in order to improve your appliance’s function. Advanced Appliance Service makes no claims that any of these tips will “fix” your appliance and/or not cause further damage to property or even personal injury. Our best advice is if you are having appliance issues is to contact us for one of our factory trained technicians to come to your home. By choosing to follow any of the below tips, you assume all risks associated with these tips, especially if you do not consult your owner’s manual. Advanced Appliance Service is not liable for any damages incurred.

General Questions

Can you service my appliance today?

We will try our best to service you as soon as a technician is available, and if all possible we will work you in same day. Please provide us with your zip code so we can problem solve quicker and more efficiently for you and get you on schedule sooner. We also have a “Cancellation List” we can put you on for your area if same day service isn’t available.

How long until my technician gets here?

Our technicians operate in a time window with a “call ahead” notice. We apologize and understand that a time window can be viewed as inconvenient, though technician’s routes and calls are usually planned a day, sometimes two in advance. We try to leave enough time to accommodate every customer in case they decide to repair their unit that day, if they want a secondary appliance looked at, or if an emergency occurs. We also try to factor in travel time and traffic. Our technicians generally call 15 to 30 minutes in advance to let you know they are on the way.

How much is this going to cost?

If your repair is not covered by your warranty company or your extended warranty company, you will be held as the responsible payer. The only definite number that we can give you is the “Trip Charge” fee of $88.00, and if you would like to have a second appliance diagnosed it would be an additional $50 plus parts and labor. Once the technician has assessed your unit, they will go over any additional part and labor fees. Please visit the Labor page for any questions on labor costs.

Can it be fixed today?

Our technicians drive a van which is stocked with commonly replaced parts. We will try our best to get your unit back up and running that same day.

How long until my part comes in?

We use only factory certified parts on repairs and only buy from authorized and certified dealers or from the manufacturer themselves. Our shop is stocked with a variety of parts for many brands, though if we order your part, we try to use a verified local supplier for same day or next day shipping. Sometimes parts are out of stock though or on back-order from the manufacturer. We understand the inconvenience and we apologize, though we will let you know as soon as your part have been delivered to us.

Please note that if you are getting a refrigerator door replaced, the average wait time is normally 8 weeks, sometimes longer. Manufacturers do not overstock doors and each door must be made to order. This is a long and time-consuming process of getting the materials ready and suiting the press to manufacture the new door. We apologize for the wait time.

I have a warranty. Do I schedule with you?

Certain manufacturers allow us to schedule you directly. Please visit our warranty page for warranty information.

Dishwashers/Garbage Disposals

Why aren’t my dishes getting clean?

Please be aware that dishwashers are not garbage disposals. Be sure to rinse all dishes off prior to washing.

Another thing to check is that the water temperature is hot enough. Typically, a hot water heater thermostat should be set to at least 140 degrees. You can also check to see if there is a temperature boost setting on your dishwasher. This may also improve the cleaning performance of your appliance.

You can prime your dishwasher by running hot water in your sink for a few minutes before you first start your dishwasher. This will boost the temperature of the water as it enters the unit and help with residue removal.

Check and see that nothing is obstructing the spray arms and that the bottom of the inside of the unit is clean. Always load the machine as directed by your owner’s manual.

Help! My dishwasher won’t start.

Be sure to check if the power switch on the wall is turned “on”. Most new homes will have this switch located near the dishwasher. Also check your breaker box to make sure a switch or fuse hasn’t blown.

Why aren’t my dishes getting dry?

You must use Jet Dry in order to get dishes dry. Using the soap with Jet Dry in it will not have the desired effect. Glass, plastic, and non-stick items hold water drops, and Jet Dry reduces the inherent surface tension of the water so that it sheens off the dishes more efficiently.

Why does my Dishwasher smell inside?

Food particles can get trapped in the filter, and as time passes they begin to rot. Make sure your filter is clean. Using “Finish In” will help your dishwasher smell better. You can also run the unit with a cup of white vinegar inside.

The inside of my dishwasher is turning colors and looks stained. Can I fix that?

If the inside of your dishwasher has begun to build mineral stains or is turning brown, you can put Limeaway or Tang Citrus Drink into the tank during a wash cycle. The citric acid should help to remove mineral build up and restore the finish.

There is a weird film inside my dishwasher. How do I get rid of it?

Always clean your dishwasher per the guidelines established by your owner’s manual, but one successful cleaning method is to place 5-6 small drops of good quality regular liquid hand washing detergent in the bottom of your unit and put the machine through a regular cycle. This will generally wash away soap scum, mineral deposits, as well as grit and will also allow the machine to operate more efficiently. Never use more than 5-6 small drops of detergent or else you run the risk of causing a flood.

Help! My disposal smells terrible!

To make the disposal smell better, put half of a lemon or orange (or just the peels) in the sink and turn on the disposal. Be sure to use cold or warm water and never hot when operating the garbage disposal.

My disposal isn’t working at all. It just hums.

Turn the unit off and remove anything that has fallen into the grinding chamber. Always be sure the unit is OFF before placing your hands or tools into the grinding chamber. You can also attempt to use an “unjamming” tool if available. Turn the unit off first, then insert the “unjamming” tool through the sink into the bottom of the disposal and turn the tool clockwise.

What do I do if my disposal unit is dead?

Push the red reset button located on the bottom or side of the disposal under the sink. If the unit begins to hum or trips again, your unit is probably jammed. See the above steps and then attempt to reset again.


My Dryer is taking forever to dry. What do I do?

Be sure that your dryer filter is clean. The dryer filter should be cleaned after every load. If it still takes a long time to dry the issue could be with your vent. Remove the vent off the back of the dryer and run one load. If the clothes dry normally, there is probably a clog or restriction in your venting. You can contract a local vent cleaning company to come and service your vent. Also make sure the dryer has not been pushed back against the rear vent duct causing problems with airflow.

My dryer is running, but isn’t heating. Help!

Check to make sure the breaker has not been tripped. A dryer can run on 110 or 120 Volts, but will only heat with 220 or 240 Volts.

My washer is shaking and dancing all over my floor!

Try wiping down the feet of the washer because their pads are actually sticky. If the unit has been moved, dust may collect on the feet and is not allow the unit to remain stuck to the floor.
Be sure that you are putting the correct load size into the unit- for the correct load size; refer to your appliance’s manual. Last but not least, be sure to clean out all pockets before putting clothes into your washer/dryer.

Why won’t my washer start??

Be sure that the lid is closing properly and nothing is obstructing it as well as making sure the timer and controls are set properly. Check that both water faucets are correctly connected and turned to the on position.

Gross, my washer smells and it’s making my clothes smell bad!

You can try a market product such as Affresh to cleanse the unit and help with lingering odors. A home remedy that has reported as successful for some people is a mixture of baking soda, water, and white vinegar. The baking soda (1/4th cup) and water (1/4th cup) mixture goes into your detergent dispenser and the white vinegar (2 cups) goes into the washing tub.


How do I get stains off my glass cooktop?

If your glass cook-top is not coming clean, we recommend our customers to use Bon Ami Powder Cleanser because it will not scratch the surface of the cook-top and will create a paste that is great for cleaning.

My burners are not heating. What do I do?

If your electric burners are not heating, make sure they are sitting straight and in their proper position.

If your gas burners are not lighting, wipe off the burner head with a hot, damp rag and then dry completely. You can also try to raise up the top and clean the entire area of any grease build up.

My oven stopped heating. Now what?

If your oven is not heating, make sure the clock is set on the manual cycle and not the automatic time bake cycle.

What is safe to use to clean the inside of my oven?

NEVER use oven cleaner inside of a self-cleaning oven. The cleaner will take off the cavity finish so you should only clean them with soap and water or by the self-cleaning cycle.

Is preheating my oven really that important?

Before you bake anything, your oven should always be preheated 15 minutes before cooking. It takes at least that long to get the appliance to the proper temperature and will actually decrease baking time. Preheating will also help with baking your food evenly.


My refrigerator (or freezer) doesn’t seem as cool as it was. What do I do?

If your refrigerator is not running or isn’t cold enough, attempt to turn the thermostat up to the next highest setting. If the unit comes on, let it run for a full 24 hours and then check temperatures to confirm the unit is working correctly. Be sure to clear and remove anything that may be blocking airflow around the outside of the refrigerator and be sure to allow 3 inches of clearance on all sides of the unit. Make sure you are not blocking the air damper that connects the freezers to the refrigerator.

My refrigerator still isn’t cooling like it should…

Every year the condenser coils behind the refrigerator grill should be vacuumed. This will make your refrigerator work more effectively. If the coils are located at the rear of the unit, make sure they are several inches from the wall and nothing is blocking the heat coming off the coils.

Okay. I cleaned the back of my unit. It’s still not as chilly as it used to be. Now what?

Be sure to wipe the gasket around the doors with warm soapy water to keep the seals (or door gaskets) from going bad. A loose gasket will allow the cool air to escape. If the door is sticking or not closing properly, check the seal and make sure any shelves, drawers or food is not the causing an obstruction.

It’s still not cool? What should I do now?

If your freezer unit is not defrosting and the temperature is rising, check the frost buildup on the inside of the freezer. If there is a lot of frost buildup on the back wall of the freezer this means your refrigerator/freezer is not going through self-defrosting. Contact us for service.

If you haven’t heard your refrigerator turn on or try cooling once you adjusted the thermostat, contact us for service.

If you can hear your refrigerator running though there is no air flow or cool air at all, contact us for service.